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5-Day Solo





5-Day Duo










3-Day Solo 





3-Day Duo 





*For more information on Experience options, CLICK HERE.  Experience price is per person.


  • Tent campsite (Bring your own tent, or sleep in a vehicle.)

  • Dinner each night (Tuesday-Saturday for 5-day race, Thursday-Saturday for 3-day race)

  • Breakfast each morning (Tuesday-Saturday for 5-day race, Thursday-Saturday for 3-day race)

  • Custom event jersey from Cutaway (2023 design pictured, 2024 design TBD) (If registered by 3/13/2024)

  • Category leaders jersey from Cutaway (5-Day version only)

  • Event shirt (If registered by 4/21/2024)

  • Finisher award

  • Fully stocked aid stations

  • Awards for top-3 overall in each category

  • $5,000 total cash purse (5-Day version only.  Equal payout for Open Men and Women.  $2,500 for each. Scale subject to change based on low entries.)

  • Chip timing

  • Plus more 

2023 Cutaway Design.png



We will allow a deposit to hold your spot and lock in your price.  You can still pay in full; this just gives an option for racers to pay in two payments.  When registering, you will have a question asked if you want to pay in full or put down a deposit.  If you choose the deposit, it will take $400 ($800 for duo) off of the registration price.  You will then have till April 1, 2024, to pay the remaining $400.  This option will expire on March 1, 2024.  After that, all registrations must be paid in full when registering.

This option is only available for 5-day solo and duo categories.  And don't forget to get insurance on your registration to protect your investment.  


For example, if you register December 1, 2023.  For solo categories, say the block pricing fee at that time is $800 ($1,600 for duo).  The registration site will take $400 off ($800 for duo) and you will owe $400 ($800 for duo) at that time.  You will then have till April 1, 2024, to pay the remaining $400 ($800 for duo).  To pay off your balance, you will see a deposit payoff option in the category section of the registration page.  DO NOT pick a category again, if you do, it will charge you the full category amount.  If you have any questions about this, please email us for clarification.



  • Once registered, TSE does not offer 100% refunds.  A 50% registration refund is available till February 15, 2024.  After 2/15/2024, there are no refunds for any reason by TSE.   

  • WE STRONGLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO PURCHASE THE INSURANCE THAT IS OFFERED BY THE REGISTRATION SITE.  This should cover about 95% of the emails we get before the race asking for a refund (I.E., injuries, medical issue, etc.  Make sure to read through their information on what is covered under this insurance opportunity.  TSE has no control over insurance claims or refunds.)  If you register with the deposit program, you will need to purchase the insurance when you first register and again once you pay your remaining balance. 

  • If the race is sold out, and we have someone on a waitlist to take your place, we may consider a transfer to TSE2025 with a possible transfer fee. 

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