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Camping is included with your registration.

However, here are some options to upgrade on the camp. 

There are many options for lodging at the scout camp!

EVERY ENTRY INCLUDES A CAMPING SPOT for the week. Set up your own tent and roll!  Park the car right next door. This makes it super simple for you to be part of all the great fun at #singletracksummercamp!

Want to UPGRADE to a different on-site option — please do — there are many other options on site, first come – first served.  They will fill up quickly, so don't delay.  These upgrades can be purchased at any time.

Check out pics (below) and MAP of our base campground – the Seven Mountains Scout Camp. The scout camp has hot showers, flush toilets, swimming pool, and all the other niceties of a full-service campground.


Camping and lodging is available during the race week from Monday at 3:00 PM till Sunday at 9:00 AM! 



$600 Private Room

$350 Shared Room

  • Book a private room for yourself.  Or book a shared room to save some dough.  With the shared room option, we will pair you with another racer.  Or let us know if you have a friend doing this same option and we can put you together.

  • Ten private rooms with two bunkbeds in each room. Five rooms on each side of the lodge.

  • Four restrooms that include a sink, toilet and shower.  Two restrooms on each side of the lodge.

  • One full size kitchen.

  • Parking located steps from entrance to lodge.

  • Beautiful common area with tables and couches.

  • Balcony that overlooks the camp lake. 

  • Short walk or bike ride to the dining hall and start/finish.  So close, you could throw a rock at it.



Room 1 (Downstairs) $450

Room 2 (Downstairs) $450

Room 3 (Upstairs) $450

Room 4 (Downstairs) Rental TBD 

  • In 2024, the Kurtz Cabin will be rented as private rooms.  If you would be interested in sharing this with another racer, please message us for more information (there would be an added fee) 

  • The Kurtz Cabin has four rooms in this cabin (3 downstairs and 1 upstairs).  Room 1 will have one bed in it, room 2 has two beds, room 3 has three beds and room 4 will have four beds.

  • There is one shower and toilet inside the cabin.  And then on the outside of the cabin there are two toilet rooms and two shower rooms.

  • One full size kitchen.

  • Nice common area with tables and chairs to swap stories about your stage experience that day.

  • This cabin would be a short walk or bike ride to the dining hall and start/finish area.  Maybe a quarter mile away. 




  • The Chef's Cabin is just a few steps away from the dining hall.  This would be the closest lodging option we have to the dining hall and start/finish.

  • This cabin has one full size bed inside.  Take this for yourself or have a friend share with you and bring something to sleep on the floor with.  Or this would be perfect for couples we have at our event.

  • In this cabin, you will get your own private bathroom with sink, toilet and shower.




  • The Health Lodge is just a hop, skip and a jump away from the dining hall.  With a good arm, you could throw a baseball at it.

  • This lodge was built in 2022 for the scout camp summers.  If the name hasn't given it way yet, this lodge was built as a medical type building.  You would be sharing this building with our EMT who will have his own room.  

  • In this lodge, you will get your own private room with a restroom just across the hall.  There is also a refrigerator and microwave in a kitchen type area.

Health 7.jpg


Electric Spot (7 Spots) $175 Per Spot

Non-Electric Spot (14 Spots) $125 Per Spot 

  • Important to know, this IS NOT an RV park or RV campground.  This is a field that has one panel with electric outlets (30 AMP).  IF YOU GET AN ELECTRIC SPOT, YOU COULD NEED UP TO A 125 FOOT CORD TO REACH THE ELECRTIC PANEL depending on your assigned spot.  There are NO WATER HOOKUPS in this field.

  • We will tape off 15 foot wide spaces and assign you your own spot.  You can do whatever you want within this 15 feet, but you must keep your RV, tents, etc. inside this area.  You are welcome to purchase two spots if you think you need more room.  This is to help make sure we have enough room for everyone in the field that has purchased a spot. 



Private Room $350

Open Room $125 Per Bed

  • The Eagle Lodge has two identical floors.  The upper floor is reserved for male participants and the lower floor is reserved for female participants.  

  • Each floor will have a private room with two bunkbeds, an open room with bunkbeds (15 on top floor and 13 on bottom floor), a kitchen and restroom with showers.

Leopold 1.jpg


$150 Per Bed

  • The Leopold Cabin was recently renovated in 2021, bringing this once rustic cabin back to it's glory days.

  • There is not much to this cabin as you can see in the pics, seven bunkbeds and a small kitchen with eating area is all this cabin has and really all you need for a simple week at #singletracksummercamp.

  • There are no restrooms or showers inside this cabin.  However, a short walk from the cabin is a bathhouse (as pictured) with showers and restrooms.  

Leopold 4.jpg
Leopold 6.jpg


Private Room $350

Open Room $100 Per Bed

  • The Rimmey Lodge has a private room with two beds, an open room with 15 beds, kitchen and restroom.  There are no showers in this lodge.  Showers can be used at the pool that is a short two-minute walk away.



We are no longer renting these cabins out, if they would interest you then send us an email to chat about them.

  • There are five staff cabins with two beds in each.  Get two beds and have the cabin all to yourself or purchase one bed and let us pair someone with you.  If you have a friend you want to share with, just let us know after you purchase.

  • There are no restrooms or showers in these cabins.  You can use a restroom and shower at either the Eagle Lodge or Kriner Lodge that are both short walks away.  

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