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STAGE 3: R.B. Winter

Bald Eagle State Forest

 31.8 Miles/51 KM
3,055 FT/931 Meters of Elevation Gain

2019 Winning Time - 2:06:40.6

2019  Stage Winners

Male - Bryan Lewis

Female -  Britt Mason


On stage 3, we get to welcome the 3-day participants to the TSE party.  This stage was probably the racers favorite stage in 2019.  It is an amazing place to ride, but we also think it was a nice break after the queen stage everyone endured the day before.  Lol.  Whatever the reason, we know that you will love this stage.

Stage 3 will take us away from the scout camp for the first and only day of the race.  R.B. Winter Park is about a 55 minute drive from the scout camp, but so worth the trip.  Stage 3 takes us back into the Bald Eagle State Forest with a whole new feel and excitement that you have not seen this week yet.  





R.B. Winter Highlight Video

Interviews After R.B. Winter Stage


R.B. Winter Stage Photos

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