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There are many category options to choose from in our 5-Day Version and 3-Day Version.  We have solo categories and duo categories.  See all of our options below.


5-Day Experience Option

The Experience Option is for those riders that may not be interested in racing against other riders.  This is also a way to save a little money.  You will receive the same swag as everyone else and the finishers swag (only if you do all five stages yourself).  Basically, this is the low-cost way to take part in all the awesomeness of the Trans-Sylvania Epic.  Complete Experience description is available HERE.


All Solo & DUO Entries include:

  • Relaxing setting amidst the deep dark forest greenery, complete with camp lake, cold spring fed streams, and swimming pool between stages.

  • Base camp style so you can bring anything and everything you need to one location for the whole event.

  • A free onsite campsite with the option to upgrade to other onsite lodging offerings.

  • Checkpoints stocked with water, electrolyte drinks, soda, fruit, PBJ, cookies, fig bars, etc. 

  • Drop bag support – leave your drop bag with us the morning of the stage and it will be available for you at the checkpoint.

  • Camp-style fun throughout the week – the summer camp touch!

  • Superb mix of trails and courses.

  • Touchless timing on enduro segments.

  • On site professional medical care and support at CampTSE.

  • The Bicycle Shop superlative mechanical support available onsite all week long.

  • Special crowd awards from our fantastic partners – even if you don’t get on the stage podium you may be lucky enough to win something great!

  • On course mechanical support at checkpoints (if available).

  • Finisher’s prizes are awarded to those who complete every stage. 

  • Miles and miles of incredible singletrack!

  • An experience and new friends you’ll cherish for a long long time.

  • The Singletrack Summer Camp atmosphere you get nowhere else.

Experience Entries Include:

All the same fun of #SingletrackSummerCamp. And in order to get the finisher prize you have to finish all five stages.


Cash Payout

In our Five-Day Version, the final podium for the Open Men and Open Women categories will receive cash payouts.  $5,000 Total split equally  between Open Men and Open Women.  

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