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What Is The Experience Category?


It’s a fair question. Something so easy and fun to do shouldn’t be so hard to explain. Maybe because there are so many ways your experience could work it takes some time to digest.

We know not everyone likes to race or wants to race, some just want to ride and enjoy the riding experience.  Which brings in the Experience Category.  Let’s go through the basics…

  • You want to take a day off, then go ahead and do so, we'll see you at dinner.  

  • People can race 1 stage, 3 stages, even all 5 stages.  If you don’t get the whole week off of work, you can go home for a few days and then come back for the finish. Or you can just chill out all week at camp (though what fun would that be?).

  • Riders who complete every stage of TSEpic, will receive the same finisher’s prizes that the solo/duo category finishers get.

  • There ARE NOT daily or overall medals/awards in the experience category (riders who complete all five stages will receive our finisher award).

  • Your time will be recorded all week and added on the results under the experience "category".

  • Basically, you will get the same experience (minus the daily/gc awards) as everyone else without the stress of racing.


Those are the big differences between riding on the experience option compared to as a solo/duo rider. The rest of the TSEpic experience will be the same. You’ll get fully stocked aid stations (including nutrition & hydration, neutral support, food and water), the chance to ride with and hang with some of the best riders in the world, dinner and breakfast each stage of the event, some cool finisher prizes (if you complete all 5 stages), and, of course, a tour of some of the best trails anywhere in the world.

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