STAGE 5: Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle State Forest

 18.2 Miles/29 KM

1,819 FT/554 Meters of Elevation Gain

2019 Winning Time - 1:23:40.0

2019  Stage Winners

Male - Bryan Lewis

Female -  Britt Mason


Day 5!  What a week we've all had when we get to this point.  With over 30 miles each day, we're giving you a little break with an 18 mile day to end the week.  This also gives us more time for some mtb games before the final awards.


  During stage 5, we venture back into the Bald Eagle State Forest for the third time this week.  We will also go into private property that can not normally be accessed on bikes, you are in for a treat if you've never raced with us before.




Bald Eagle Highlight Video

Interviews After Bald Eagle


Bald Eagle Stage Photos