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2020 TSEpic Category Information

TSEpic 5-Day Race Categories 

Male Categories

  • Open Male

  • Male 40-49

  • Male 50-59

  • Male 60+

  • Single Speed

  • Clydesdale 

Female Categories

  • Open Female

  • Female 40+

Duo Categories

  • Duo Men

  • Duo Women

  • Duo Coed

Other Categories (See descriptions below)

  • Epic Team Category

*We have the right to combine categories with less than 5 racers. 


Epic Team Category

The Epic Team Category allows a group of two to ten riders to switch off during the week to maximize the fun factor.  As long as at least one of your team members finishes each day, you will be eligible for the Team General Classification and the Epic Team Cup.  You will receive the same swag as solo riders and finishers swag only if you do all five stages yourself.  Basically, this is the low cost way to take part in all the awesomeness of Trans-Sylvania.  Complete Epic Team Category rules are available HERE.


TSEpic 3-Day Race Categories 

Male Categories

  • Open Male

  • Male 40-49

  • Male 50+

  • Single Speed 

Female Categories

  • Open Female

  • Female 40+

*We have the right to combine categories with less than 5 racers. 

All Solo & DUO Entries include:

  • Relaxing setting amidst the deep dark forest greenery, complete with camp lake, cold spring fed streams, and swimming pool between stages.

  • Base camp style so you can bring anything and everything you need to one location for the whole event

  • A free onsite campsite with the option to upgrade to other onsite lodging offerings

  • Final cookout of deliciousness on Monday after the final stage.

  • Checkpoints stocked with water, electrolyte drinks, soda, fruit, PBJ, cookies, fig bars, etc. 

  • Drop bag support – leave your drop bag with us the morning of the stage and it will be available for you at the checkpoint.

  • Camp-style fun throughout the week – the summer camp touch!

  • Superb mix of trails and courses

  • Touchless timing on enduro segments

  • On site professional medical care and support at CampTSE.

  • The Bicycle Shop superlative mechanical support available onsite all week long

  • Special crowd awards from our fantastic partners – even if you don’t get on the stage podium you may be lucky enough to win something great!

  • On course mechanical support at checkpoints (if available)

  • Neutral support bikes to allow you to finish the stage (if available)

  • Finisher’s prizes are awarded to those who complete every stage. In the past finishers have taken home pocket knives, hatchets, machetes and more as part of their finisher’s prize package. We’ll come up with something equally good this year – this ain’t your grandpa’s belt buckle.

  • Miles and miles of incredible singletrack!

  • An experience and new friends you’ll cherish for a long long time.

  • The Singletrack Summer Camp atmosphere you get nowhere else.

Epic Team Entries Include:

All the same fun of #SingletrackSummerCamp. And in order to get the finisher prize you have to finish all five stages.

  • Teams can be as few as 2 people, and as many as 10.

  • Teams only need to have 1 rider finish each stage, but all riders can go out as many (or as few) days as they like.

  • Teammates do not need to ride together, though certainly can.

  • Team racers can compete against the solo racers in the ENDURO!!! competition.

  • Prices for the team categories are simplified and less than racing solo.

  • Any team racer that finishes all 5 stages will receive finisher’s prizes.




These categories exist within the race and cross categories, enjoy!



Everyone entered in the race is automatically entered into the Enduro competition, though you do not have to race the timed runs – just roll through as you like – pin it, grin it, both! There is one daily GC categories in the ENDURO!!! competition – Men & Women – with each competing for GC overall winner prizes at the end of the week.

AND — ENDURO!!! for ALL!!
Event ending recognition will be awarded to the fastest rippers in each of the race categories during week.


U-25 Men & Women


The winners of these two categories are selected from across all categories. u25ers may take part in any of the above categories, but will race against the u25ers in all categories. Enter any category you like. Want to see how you stack up against the best? Solo Men or Women. Want to keep costs as low as possible for the week but have the chance to compete on the biggest u25 stage in North America? Get a friend and choose Epic team.

*Categories that do not have a minimum of at least 5 entrants (or teams) may be combined into the next higher category or appropriate age group for daily stages. The top finisher in any combined category will be recognized at the end of the event in their original category.

**Age group is based on age as of 12/31 of event year.

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